Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Brewing in Allen's Garage

After looking far and wide at farm buildings and industrial units I think I may have found somewhere suitable for brewing.  Almost next to my house, Allen's Garages has been demolished and will be redeveloped into flats. But a small part of the original 1906 building remained and was just begging me to use it as a microbrewery.

I only ever intend to be a one-man-band, so it is ideal. I can pop in and out as I please, fussing over things and making really extraordinary ales. There are numerous hurdles to negotiate before I can say it's mine but the signs are encouraging.
In May I used the shop window to publicise my presence and word rapidly spread that a new brewery is in the offing. People are asking when there will be any beer. Well hold your horses folks, not for months yet! There are many things to get in place - and it may yet not happen at all if it proves to be too difficult or too expensive to convert the garage to a brewery.
There is little sign that the place has been cleaned since 1906 and there is a wonderful smell of 'old garage'. Soon I hope it will be filled with the smell of wort boiling and the sound of bottles being filled.

Its a dirty job but someone has to do it.

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